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I would like some clarification on the light switches i need before i go ahead and buy all the switches for our new house build. Hopefully someone can help out.

So, we're talking about the light switching in the entrance and hallway which is all one space that is a medium sized entrance with an L shaped hallway. Here is what i want...

Entrance: double switch to control entrance and hallway
Halfway down the hallway: double switch to control hallway and entrance
far end of hallway: single switch just for the hallway

I'm confused about whether i need an intermediate switch or not. The switches i want don't have a 2 way version that is intermediate.

Can anyone advise on all this?


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I've never seen a 3 way, only 2 way and intermediate

I don't know if you are in the US or not, but I am and I've never heard of a 2-way or an intermediate?

The switches that we would use in a residential setting would be a SPST, a 3-way (SPDT) or a 4-way (DPDT)

Entrance: 2, 3-ways

Halfway: 1, 3-way for entrance and 1,4-way for hall

Far End: 1, 3-way for hall
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