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Entrained Air in Water supply

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My home has has entrained air in the water supply for several months. Sputters, burbs and spits regularly. and continuously. A glass/bucket/tub etc has milky appearance till the air dissipates (usually less than 15 seconds) whether hot or cold, toilet tank, faucet, or hose bib etc.
Neighbors having no problem. I've no sign of leak or malfunctioning equipment/fixture. Public water supply. No renovations or changes in many years.
Any experience with finding cause and resolving something similiar would be appreciated.
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Entrained Air

I'm not a pro plumber, but my best guess is that you're getting air into your supply lines from a failing air bladder on a water heater expansion tank or a water pressure booster pump tank, if you have either of those.
If you do, it would be faster and simpler just to replace the bladder tank to solve your problem.
Good Luck!
Thanks, Mike. Regrettably neither of those devices are in the sytem. I almost wish there was a primary suspect - but this is a simple small residence - faucets, tub, toilets, a shower, standard 30 gal water heater, a washing machine. Really has me stumped. Thanks again. Charlie Swartz
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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