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Entrained Air in Water supply

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My home has has entrained air in the water supply for several months. Sputters, burbs and spits regularly. and continuously. A glass/bucket/tub etc has milky appearance till the air dissipates (usually less than 15 seconds) whether hot or cold, toilet tank, faucet, or hose bib etc.
Neighbors having no problem. I've no sign of leak or malfunctioning equipment/fixture. Public water supply. No renovations or changes in many years.
Any experience with finding cause and resolving something similiar would be appreciated.
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Had the same problem but only on or after days I used the washing machine. Washing machine inlet valves are constructed differently from faucets and air could be sucked in and then the air bubbles rise and migrate elsewhere in the plumbing system.

Or another faucet somewhere wasn't really tight and air got sucked in from there. (It's not a good idea to really crank down faucets tight as that shortens the life of the faucet washer.)

The whole problem might not be worth worrying about but if you really want to, try turning off the shutoff valves under the sink or whatever for one particular faucet or shower or toilet for several days (don't use that fixture) and see if the problem goes away. This could help narrow down on the source of a problem.
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