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Engineered Vinyl Plank companies besides Lumber Liquidators?

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I am going to be installing flooring in my concrete slab basement. It seems to be very smooth/flat. I have been looking at the CoreLUXE XD and Ultra lines from Lumber Liquidators. They really talk up the "Engineered Vinyl Plank" angle and describe why it's superior to LVT. Having someone come in and leveling the floor to perfection would cost me about $1600, so I'd rather use the thicker, more rigid EVP that can mask slight imperfections in the flooring. LL adequately explains that theirs will do this; other brands not so much.

We've narrowed down our style selections to a few from LL. But I'd like to do some due diligence into some other brands with comparable products.

Important points:
  • Waterproof
  • Good wear layer (> 20)
  • Click install, floating
  • Would like to stay under or around $4/sq ft (but open to spend more for a much superior product)

What other brands should I be looking for, or at least what terms should I be looking for in my searches? Is Luxury Vinyl Plank with a thickness of at least 7-8mm going to be the same type of product as LL's CoreLUXE offering?
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I ran vinyl planking through my living,family, dining rooms and hallway. After looking at LL and Home Depot and Lowes, etc., I stopped at a local carpet and flooring store that is now part of the Carpet One franchise. I chose a product that was thicker than the other stores, 30+ mil wear layer. It's almost 3/8" thick. The planks were 9" x 72" and weighed about 15# each. It was a bit more expensive than the box stores, at $5.49/sq. ft. It takes some tapping to lock each piece in, but once it's down I think you could drive a car on it. I have a yellow lab that weighs 95#, so I wanted something she can't scratch. What I found is once it was down, she walks on it softly because the traction isn't there. The first time she came barreling from the kitchen and hit the new flooring, she went sliding across the vinyl and crashed into an end table. She learns quick. All in all, I like the new flooring and it's easy to take care of. I did make my own transition moldings out of some whit oak and had SW mix some stain to match. I don't like the plastic moldings.
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