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engineered flooring

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BIG WARNING I purchased Schon engineered flooring from Lumber Liquidators last Friday. This was a replacement to the first flooring material we bought at Lumber Liqidators. The installers were unable to put it down because it was defective. We returned the original flooring to Lumber Liquidators. We ordered the Schon Quick click flooring which arrived at the Lumber Liquidators store a few days later. It was a much more expensive floor but hoped it would be better. When we opened a box it was badly curled.
Lumber Liquidators was called and they said to give it time to acclimate. Unfortunately nothing happened after 5 days and it is still curled. They say they can not get that kind of floor anymore and that if we return the defective flooring we will have to pay a 20% restocking fee! We are truly unnerved by this company and shocked at their uncaring attention. Two defective floors and now they want us to buy another one or pay the 20% ...does this tell you something about the company? We did not have to pay the restocking fee the first time because we made another purchase from them. I would not buy anything from Lumber Liquidators and would never recommend them to anyone except my worst enemy.
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How did you pay for your flooring? Credit card I hope. If by CC, dispute the charges. Provide any written communications you've had with lumber liquidators. What do you expect from a company who most of their materials come from China?
engineered flooring woes

Yes, I did find out that most of the flooring comes from China. We AMERICANS better get smart and look at the companies we give our hard earned money to! We chose Lumber Liquidators because of their many media ads. Not too smart was it!
Good to know! We are looking to purchase hardwood floors and Lumber Liquidators was on our list.That is unitl I read your post and ordered samples that we never received.
A 20% restocking fee would imply that Lumber Liquidators is planning to resell the defective floor.
engineered flooring woes

Yes, I am afraid you are correct about Lumber Liquidators. They probably will resell this floor. This floor is so badly curled it is criminal. This was the second defective floor that they sold us. We had to take the first one back and we stupidly bought a more expensive floor to replace it. I called the main office of LumberLiquidators and they told me someone would call me back in 24-48 hours. I am still waiting! I dread the thought of having to bring all this back again.
Honestly I have changed my mind...I would not even recommend Lumber Liquidators to my worst enemy. Now I am trying to find a reputable flooring place in Chadds Ford, Pa. I am new to Pa. and don't have a clue where to find one.
Lumber Liquidators!!!
Lumber Liquidators!!!

Lumber Liquidators?


Doesn't that tell you people anything?:(

Ask them one more time to let you return the product for no charge because IT IS DEFECTIVE. If they again refuse, call a lawyer and tell them that's what you are going to do.:)

Those people are used to complaints and threats so don't piss around with them - CALL A LAWYER.:)
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engineered flooring woes

Yes, I realize this is what I have to do. I am a senior citizen who believed in the honesty of people until dealing with Lumber Liquidators. The truth is they are no cheaper than Home Depot or Lowe' neighbor had suggested them and I never anticipated what could happen. I am learning even though I am 68! I hope others are not as foolish as I was. I am calling an attorney today!
Seems typical of the company...or at least stories I've heard, but exactly how bad is it?

I see this in an older post.

The boards have been "acclimating" since Friday and we can not see any change. They remain curled at both ends.
Some call that condition bananna boards. It's fairly common with engineered flooring. What's the measurement at the ends? 1/4" 1/2 inch?
engineered flooring woes

The floor is really BAD. We have had workmen here and they thought it was a joke that Lumber Liquidators would sell it and would not take it back without a restocking fee--especially since the same kind is not available. The ends of each board are curled up, some pieces as much as 3 inches on each end. They look like rocking chair rungs. People have laughed at the sight of them. Unfortunately we can't see the humor. All we can do is urge anyone we know to avoid Lumber Liquidators. We had hoped the problem was just a local store but the main company never responded to our call to them. This is sad.
What I find ironic, is that after I read the last post in this thread, right below it is a lumber liquidators advertisement. "Get a real Deal". :laughing:

This one thread alone, with the negative advertising, has cost them more money that the add they're running on this site.

Positive word of mouth advertising reaches one person, Negative advertising reaches 7 people. In our business, we make every effort to never have negative word of mouth advertising, even if it means I have to take a loss on the job to make something right. I want my clients proud & excited when they show their friends & family the improvements to their home.
engineered flooring woes

How I love your philosophy! It is a smart way to run a business. Keep people happy and they will refer their friends to you. That is the way to success. I wish you lived near us in PA.
Right now we are coping with 8 boxes of defective flooring from Lumber Liquidators. The main office was supposed to call us back within 24-48 hours but of course no one has. We should have known.
We are letting all our friends, relatives, and neighbors know of the quality of flooring Lumber Liquidators is selling. Personally I think it is fraud...this is not flooring. It is a joke. The flooring is so bad everyone gets a good laugh. We wish we would laugh!
Hey, go direct them (LL) to this thread and see if that helps your cause.:)

See if they are aware that every time someone in the WORLD searches for Lumber Liquidators this website and this thread also appears somewhere in the search results.:thumbsup:
engineered flooring woes

I can't tell you how much this website has helped us mentally. Just to know that someone else is listening has helped. Tomorrow we will direct Lumber Liquidators to this site and hopefully they will realize how stupid they are being. Somehow I doubt they will bother. We are still amazed at their lack of conscience! Truthfully at this point we just want others to know that buyers must beware if they shop at Lumber Liquidators.
Lumber Liquidators and others like them must remember that they can easily track their sales through their everyday record keeping, that's basic in all business. What [they] can not track is the sales they didn't get due to comments such those appearing in this thread on the Internet. They may think that sales volume compared to complaint volume is a part of everyday business and they are willing to expect and accept a certain percentage of their business as complaints. All business has that realization considered. The trouble with that logic is that only complaints from sales can be tracked. There is no possible way for them to know their losses due to negative comments on the Internet. If they were to come down briefly from their ivory tower and search the Internet they would find complaints about their business practices are abundant.

It is beyond comprehension that they would sell anyone an inferior product and then charge a restocking fee for that product to be returned.

As I type this comment there is an ad appearing at the top of this page stating: "NO GIMMICKS" and "71% OFF" What a crock that is!:)
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engineered flooring woes

You sound like a very smart business person. We will try to direct Lumber Liquidators to this website. Perhaps they will smarten up but I doubt it. Right now I just hope that other unsuspecting customers will be a little more savy than we were.
I appreciate the post, as we were about to buy at Lumber Liquidators. I guess the second batch was special order and they might be applying that rule for restocking... LL, you're getting a bad name here! (And maybe it's a poor local manager, too?)

Should we go that route, we will be very careful to inspect all boxes before taking a risk, checking whether what we buy would be sold "as is" or "clearance" or "special order / with stocking fee." And get any of the return policy in writing. In the end, even if they say or write down on the sales slip, "return allowed in case of defective material," I've had reps from companies stare me in the face and say, "that's normal" when obviously their product is defective and can't be installed! Buyer beware.

For a consumer complaint like this, I can recommend looking at, listening to the advice on his radio program, and in such a case as this, actually calling the program. He can really help a consumer out with knowing how and with whom to file a complaint or pursue a solution to such problems!
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Headquarters 3000 John Deere Rd Toano, VA USA 23168 Phone: 800-366-4204

DeptExecutiveTitleEmail PhoneExec Jeffrey Griffiths President/CEO Not Available 800-366-4204 Tom Sullivan Founder 800-366-4204 Andrew Shulklapper VP 800-366-4204 Tech Seth Levy CIO 800-366-4204 Kenneth Strohschein VP IT 800-366-4204 Sales/Mktg Marco Pescara VP/Dir Marketing and Avertising 800-366-4204 Ops Franklin Marcus VP France 800-366-4204 Robert Morrison VP Store Operations Not Available 800-366-4204 Tyler Greenan VP Store Operations 800-366-4204 Finance Daniel Terrell CFO 800-366-4204
Lumber Liquidators!!!
Lumber Liquidators!!!

Lumber Liquidators?


Doesn't that tell you people anything?:(

Ask them one more time to let you return the product for no charge because IT IS DEFECTIVE. If they again refuse, call a lawyer and tell them that's what you are going to do.:)

Those people are used to complaints and threats so don't piss around with them - CALL A LAWYER.:)

I agree with this post....

I do have to add that China produces some excellent hardwood..
You have to realize that you had no clue what you were buying...
Had you bought it from a better reputable source, with a better display room, you could have visually seen what you were buying before, and yes this comes at extra cost.

I just installed over 1100 sq ft of 3/4 x 2.25 chinese oak hard wood,
and I might have come across one 3 foot section which had knots/filling that fell apart. Not one board had a broken tongue. Not one board had a dent/ding into it...mostly in 3 or 4 foot sections, and good selection of smaller pieces, not one of them bowed in any way that the stapler wouldn't rectify it by installation... and yes, it is chinese oak.

I guess not all chinese (asian ) products are that bad...
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At the bottom is my original meassage to Lumber Liquidators.

Following is their response to my email to them.

Notice I sent them a link to this thread and still they don't seem to get it.
Thu, 9 Jul 2009 14:46:10 -0400 [01:46PM CDT]
From: Lumber Liquidators Customer Care <[email protected]>To: [email protected]Subject: RE: Question About a Product (LTK146048884329X)

REFERENCE NUMBER: LTK146048884329X Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.
SUBJECT: Question About a Product

Dear Mr Cline,

Thank you for contacting us.

I can enter a claim for you here at the corporate center, but I will need more information to do so. If there is anyway that you can provide me an order number or the name and address on the order, I will be happy to enter that. Also, if you could provide a daytime telephone number, that would be wonderful!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.


Cecile Ayers
Customer Care
Lumber Liquidators, Inc
3000 John Deere Road
Toano, VA 23168

For the Best Deals Anywhere on Great Hardwood Flooring 1-800-HARDWOOD or

Lumber Liquidators...Hardwood Flooring for Less!

As a courtesy, Lumber Liquidators, Inc. (?LLI?) provides information to its customers concerning the installation of products sold by LLI and related issues. Such information is not exhaustive and does not take the place of an installer?s expertise, due care and informed judgment. LLI is not in the business of selling, arranging or scheduling flooring installation. LLI disclaims any liability arising from or relating to the information provided herein including, but not limited to, improper installation, site conditions, inappropriate installation location or improper care and maintenance of the flooring.

========== Original Message ==========

From: <>
Subject: Question About a Product

From: Bud Cline- Can't you guys fix this problem?
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