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You're only a newbie once, and now that you posted, you're a veteran! Direct glue down vs: floating is really a matter of personal choice. Either method is good. I'm not a real fan of floating because it always has a hollow sound regardless of the pad used. But, a floating installation generally is cheaper (no expensive glue to use), quicker, cleaner, and ready to walk on right away. If they're charging $3.50' for glue down in your area and that includes adhesive, that's not a bad price. Floating should be at least $1.00' cheaper. Good luck!

Wood Floor Guy


I am new to this forum, so please cut me some slack if I screw up. I have decided to put hardwood flooring in a hallway - about 120sf. At first, I thought my only choice would be a glue-down - I have a concrete slab foundation. When in a Home Depot, I noticed a floating, engineered wood product and thought I would research the idea. I have succeeded in confusing myself somewhat. Anyway, is there enough price differential between glue-down (including installation costs of about $3.50/sf - is that reasonable?) and the floating type, just mentioned, to make the floating type my choice. I ask this question with the presumption that a glue-down is preferable, unless a budget crimps your style.

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