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End cap when permanently removing sink pop-up

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Are pop-ups required in bathroom sinks?

Are pop-ups required in bathroom sinks?

My bathroom sink has a sink popup whose stopper is missing its top round part (the top screws on compared to the popup stoppers with permanently attached round tops that I usually see in stores).

Anyway, I hate popups so I would much prefer to just have a stainless steel strainer in my bathroom sink.

My question is, are the popups required in bathroom sinks? I'm in Illinois. I would like to remove the stopper, the horizontal rod and replace the retaining nut with an end cap (if I can find one that fits) to seal the hole.
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Thanks Danny but I'm not changing the drain assembly. I just want to cover the hole with a strainer.

The reason why I'm not changing the drain assembly is I have a pedestal sink where the pedestal is the main support.

I've already removed the pop-up and the horizontal rod and turned the retaining nut into an seal cap. I'm keeping the parts I removed so I can put them back (with new pop-up) when we decide to sell the place.
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