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Enclosing poles within framing

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Hey everyone,

I have a couple metal support poles running in my basement where I want to run a wall across. My initial though was to put the wall in line with the pole and enclose it within the drywall, however it seems that the pole is about 0.5" wider than the 2x4 stud. My initial thought was to build a wall/frame on either side, and have a 4" gap between the two frames, but there will be a door in that wall, and the prehung door won't fit into that space then because of the extra 4".

Anyone have any other ideas? I'm thinking right now my only option might be to just frame around the pole sort of like a pillar.

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When we framed-in the steel supports in our basement, we used 2x6's instead of 2x4's to build that wall.
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