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Enclose a pole barn

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Hey guys, I am looking to see if there are enclosed pole barn plans available to show how the walls are constructed to a steel truss pole building. Right now I have a car port pole barn and want to enclose it. I looked in to this last year and only found so much information on this.

I couldn't get much help locally, it seems that they aren't strict with this kind of thing in my area. None of the contractors that build these things use permits or have the city inspect anything and everyone I talked to said I wouldn't have any trouble doing it myself even if I were to sell my house, which I'm not thinking about doing anyway. I will probably have an electrician do the work I don't feel I should do on my own.

What I have is 24' by 24' and the 6x6's are 10' tall. So far I figured that I will install longer 6x6's on the gable ends to attach girts to. Concrete slab is already poured. I have made up a 3d model of what I think should be done but there's a lot I'm not sure about.

There's a roof outside my homes entry door that ties in to the pole barn with a 6x6 being there already but it's not in the center to make 12' spacing. And probably not tall enough either, part of roof will need to be removed I am guessing.


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I can't see how the house porch roof is supported, but that should not be attached in any way to the pole barn. They will move independently from each other and the house (not to mention that may change your tax assessment as you would have one structure, not an accessory structure).

There are a handful of ways to enclose walls. Your wood girts are fine. However, you need the gable ends to continue to the roof purlins (so extend the "cantilevered" posts). You DO NOT in any way attach to the steel trusses (at least the pic looks like angle iron truss instead of bar joists), they are not designed for that and will fold from the lateral forces on your gable ends. There will be some details to consider like soffits, headers/jambs (beyond just using the girts) for OH and man door, how the wall meets the slab/extends past the edge, etc.

Here is a photo I just pulled off the net to show an example of how they did not attach any bracing or the gable end to the trusses.

P.S. I can't tell from the headlight shape, but that looks like some sort of IMSA buck or rolling chassis there?
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Oh yea, it's not really attached it's just kind of in the way of where the new wall will be is what I meant

That will be a Lambo Murcielago replica on tube chassis... hopefully
I understand how headers would frame the truss area, with hurricane ties to purlins, what would be used to tie posts to purlins? Or can posts just be tied behind to the header? Not sure if it's called a header.

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