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I have 12 x 4" square steel posts to embed in 1' sonotubes 5' deep in the ground. 2 rows of 6 need to be level and square for attachment of an HSS beam across each row of 6, then an angle piece between rows.

Please help with ideas of how to form this up and pour everything square??

I have a skid steer and mini-ex on site. There is an option to weld 2 posts to 20' beams, then hold up with the skidsteer or mini ex? How do I form level and square with everything else? I can't hold up and in perfect place with the machinery for each set of 2 posts because I will have a concrete truck waiting constantly. Or should I mix all my own concrete and take my time?

Another option is to just use J bolts but then I need to fabricate baseplates to each post, source J bolts and still worry about squaring every set of J bolts up.
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