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I am doing a remodel and I currently have two lights between two 3 way switches with the power coming in from one of the lights. See attached for the diagram.

I am interested in eliminating one of the light switches. Can someone please explain how to cap off one of the switches and run both lights off of one switch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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To eliminate switch #2.
At LT2
Disconnect all the wire to sw2. you don't need any of them.
Leave LT2 connect to the black and white of C4.
At LT1
Disconnect all wire from C3. You don't need them
Connect C1 red and C4 black to LT1 hot where C4 black is now.
Connect all the white except C3.
At SW1
Cap white. It is now a neutral if you ever need it for a smart switch or timer.
Connect red and black to switch. Red is now the switch hot back to the lights.

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If the switch box can remain in place with a blank cover, connect the wire on the common terminal with either of the travelers with a wire nut. Cap the other traveler with a wire nut.

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