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Elevated Deck and Real Brick Wall

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I am in the planning phases of a elevated deck (approx. 8') off the second level of my brick (masonry construction, not brick veneer) home. My architect has indicated that the attachment method of the deck is up to me, either freestanding or with a ledger connected to the house via epoxied lag bolts.

So, since I haven't done this before, I thought I'd solicit opinions. Am I better to go with a freestanding deck, or would the ledger be OK? Obviously if I build it freestanding I'd need to pour twice as many footings and would have the brace the elevated deck. The architect suggests using spacers in this case to eliminate the need for extensive flashing. That said, I've heard that freestanding is less risky.

Any thoughts?

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An 8' high deck will require considerable cross bracing if attached to the house. Freestanding would require even more bracing to make it stable. Check local code requirements.
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