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Electrical wiring help needed

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Hi - I need some help making electrical connections for four total lights with three switches. I'm hoping that someone can provide some guidance

- All junction boxes are located in the attic, so they will not be visible.
- I am retaining the electrical setup/layout that is currently in place. I realize there is probably an easier way to rewire everything.
- I would like the two living room lights to operate in tandem on the same switch.
- All boxes are plastic
- All wiring is 12/2 romex connected to a 20 amp breaker at the panel.
- the red lines in the diagram symbolize the white/neutral wire

Diagram is included as attachment

Thank you so much for any help you can provide


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Awesome, thanks so much for the help!

I adjusted the diagram. Not sure if I included some of the neutral wires. For those that do not need to be connected, do they need to be capped?

Also, are any of the neutral wires hot so that I should mark them with black tape?


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That definitely clarifies things, thanks so much again for your help.
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