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Electrical Wiring Advice

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If this is not the correct place to post please let me know - thanks.

I have had a new motherboard fitted ant home and a wire run to the bathroom for the shower and pull switch, and spotted some bare wires. I think this is especially bad as it sits beneath the insulation?

Can anyone give me constructive feedback? Is this likely to cause a fire?

The first picture is taken from inside the loft, the second from the bathroom below.

As you can see the yellow and green wire has copper wire exposed.


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Wires should be in a box you could get a round cut-in box.Also is the pull chain in the shower?:no:
this is what i would consider doing..

if rewiring is not practical.. turn off the power at the breaker, disconnect the wire from the switch box and push or pull the wire so that the part where the insulation is missing from the wire is fully exposed (i.e. not half of it in the drywall). then slip a piece of heat-shrink over the wire, and another piece of heat-shrink over the other wire and slide them down so they cover the insulation area with overlap of 1" on each side. heat it up and you're done. HD sells this product.

i'll let others tell you if this solution is to code or not ?

I can tell by your language that you must either be Australian or English, so not many here will know about rules and methods there, but one thing is clear: the wiring is NOT supposed to be exposed like that. It needs to go all the way into the switch and terminate in such a way as to be secured. Whoever installed this did a poor job. You should call them back and give them an ear full and demand they do it properly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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