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need some help here, ive got a Rotary lift im running electrical service to, the motors name plate says....;

2 hp
1.5 kw
17-16 amps
208-230 vt
60 hz
1700 RPM
IP 54
duty INT

the run is about 60 feet

im thinking 10/2 220 20 amp breaker..... please give me some advice

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Ah. I see. Thank you.

12/2 is all you need if the panel is relatively close.

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#12 wire is fine, I wouldn't use #10. 12 is much easier to work with.

A 20 amp breaker will likely work, but if it trips on starting a 30 is the maximum allowed by code. This is one of the few times it's legal to use a 30 with #12s, and only if the motor is hard-wired. No cord-and-plug.


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#12gauge {4.0mm²} will work just fine with this useage and you will need 20A double pole breaker*

* if kick out the breaker during start up go with either 25 or 30 amp breaker { note this is allowed per art 430 only with hard wired motour hook up.}

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