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electrical requirements for basement wet bar

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I am designing a wet bar in my basement with the following specificiations:

It is a nine foot linear work area consisting of a:

1. sink
2. undercounter refrigerator Input voltage: 120 V/60 Hz/Power: 82 watts, 115V, 1.2 amps
3. undercounter beverage refrigerator Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz/Power: 130 W/1.8 A
4. ice maker 440W / 115V / 2.8A

What are the electrical requirements for that set up?
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A 15A circuit for what you've mentioned plus another 15 or 20A circuit (depending on your location) with GFIfornrecepracles on the counter workspace on either side of your sink would probably be good to go. Requirements per se depend on you AHJ and local codes
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Personally I would run two MWBC (Multi-wire Branch Circuit) with 12/3, for that equipment that plugs in. Use a 20 amp breaker. It is not so much what the rating is. It is the possibility that the equipment requirements can change at some future point and you can end up having to put in better gear.

Go with restaurant grade equipment, not the garbage they sell at the big box stores. You can find some great deals that a local restaurant equipment place that sells it to consumers, when they replace equipment or get it from closed down places.
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