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Electrical issues(?) found during reno

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What are the requirements if I find some electrical issues during a reno?

I had some pot lights installed a while back and the electrician did his best to fish wires and not disrupt too much drywall. Now that I have opened some walls I see wires that aren't secured (obviously). Also, I noticed some wires going through plumbing source and waste holes (Is that an issue?).

My common sense tells me to take care of what I can but what are my obligations under the law? Also, I will be having an electrical inspection done for some work I am doing, can or will the inspector look at what was done before and ask me to change it?

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If the walls are open due to new electrical work being performed in the wall cavity, you should be stapling the wires down, staples should be loose enough where you can wiggle the wire back and forth inside it. If you see splices within the wall cavities that are not in boxes, those must be fixed. Really, you should be fixing everything you can. As far as your legal responsibilities go, it depends on your area. Call your local inspection agency.
Wires are never stapled when fished into finished walls since it isn't possible nor necessary. I guess if you open them up you can then staple them properly. Not sure if I'd consider this an "electrical issue".
Sorry, I did forget to mention that I am in Ontario, Canada. Your advise makes sense psgama.
I don't know what code says but I would staple them so that they are not in the way of new drywall. Every 4 feet is what code requires.
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