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Hello all.

I currently have an Onan 7000 watt RV generator.

Model HGJAE1912
2 pole, 30 amp circuit breaker

Question 1) I am looking to run a variety of machines off this generator. Three are 120 volt. One is 240 volt.

Coming out of the generator are 4 wires. One green, one white (neutral and ground), two black (hot).

Is it even possible to run both 120 volt AND 240 volt from only 2 black wires? Wouldn't I need more? My understanding is that those 2 wires together would equal 240 volt. So I could run my 240 machine. But perhaps not the three 120 volt machines? If I run this to a panel of some kind, could I make this work?

Question 2) The circuit breaker inside the generator is 30 amp. But the wiring coming out of it is 12 gauge wire. And this is the wiring that came with the generator brand new. I believe 12 gauge is only good for 20 amps max. Why have a 30 amp breaker if they are using 20 amp wire?

Hopefully someone can help me here. I have a certified electrician coming this week but am still curious.

Thanks all!

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No you cannot get 120v without the white wire.
For the 220v you can use just the two blacks.
But for the 120v you need just one of the blacks for hot,
And the white is neutral.

So the answer to the question-
Can I get 220v and 120v with just two blacks.
Is definately NO.
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