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electric water heater

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I just purchased a 50 gallon Rheem hot water heater(front mount) and had it installed. Its been about two hours now and I still dont have hot water (not even warm, still ice cold). How long should it take a brand new 50 gallon electric water heater to heat up?
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Less then 2hrs for sure. Check your breaker/fuse panel to be sure the breaker is on. Also make sure the heater is full of water. If these are done-- call your plumber back.

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I don't know what you mean by front mount, but what reason was it replaced to begin with?

As stated before, check the breakers.

Open the top access panel and check the red button on the thermostat.

If both of those are fine, you should be getting hot water, or you forgot to wire it. :thumbup:

Unless of course you turned it on before it was full of water, in which case you don't have elements anymore and will need to replace them.
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