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Here's a strange one. I have 2 chandelier hoists in my home. Both are separately key operated. I return home from 2 weeks holidays and find chandeliers have 'lowered themselves' and are now resting on the floor in their respective 2 rooms :devil3:. There is a humming coming from each power unit [located in the attic]. I try to cycle the lights up or down but - no luck. I power off each of the breakers ad try again to raise them. No luck. Just the humming. Both units are made by Wilshire Lighting who I understand, have exited that part of the business.

Any ideas how this happened? Are they repairable or do I need to replace? Do I need to be ready to take out a second mortgage to fix/replace these?:vs_worry:?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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