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Electric heaters, how many circuits?

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I am looking to install 2 1500W 240V electric heaters in a basement. I'm going to use 12 gauge wire for each heater but here's my question:

I'm aware that 12 gauge is good for up to 20 amps @ 120V but if you are using 240V, does that mean you can go up to 40 amps and run both of these heaters off the same circuit/wire? And if so, would I use a 40 amp double pole breaker?

If they need to be run on separate circuits, do I just need a 20 amp double pole breaker for each heater or 40 amp?

Thanks for your help.
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12 gauge is good for 20 amps.
1500W/240V= 6.25 A each
Use 12-2, put them on one circuit with a double pole 20.
Just make sure your thermostat can handle the wattage.
Just to be complete, 12 gauge is good for 20A, 80% continous (16A). Your total amperage is 12.5 and you can put 16 on this circuit. Do these heaters have an internal thermostat? If they don't I recommend running your wire to the first stat and pigtail it to a second stat. This way you can operate the heaters independantly.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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