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Electric Heater Cycling Time

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we got a new mobile home 1998 model, it is insulated very well with dual pane vinyl windows ect. The furnace is Electric (which I've never had) and is rated at 67000 BTU's (our house is around 2100sq/ft. But it's currently 30degrees F ouside and I've been timing the cycle times and it runs
on for ~3mins
off for ~6mins
so about 6.6 times per hour.

Is this normal for an electric system. The air coming out is definitely warm, and the house stays were it is set.
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No. It should stay off for at least 10-15 minutes. Sounds like your thermostat is faulty. Buy a good Honeywell Focus Pro at HDepot to replace it. You need to get into the menu of it and set it for electric furnace.
Post brand and model number of thermostat.
honeywell pro 3000
and it is set to electric on the dip in the back.
Go into installer set up menu, and change the CPH to 3.
it was set at 9, is 3 not too low?
Nope, 3 is much better.
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