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Hello all,

Last week, I came home to find my element staying on while the blower wasn't working at all. Noticed a large brown spot on the control board. Ordered a new one from A1 source (slight variation, but replacement) and also bought the exactly same version York one. Also I noticed the one of the element wires had came loose from the 60A circuit breaker and melted itself. Re-wired everything and now the blower works but the element does not. However, the element WORKS when the system is not "running", like its backwards. There are no sequencers, just two 30A relays - THEY ARE normally open! Heck, turn on the 60A circuit breaker and the elements light up. Can I switch out these with NC relays? Recommendations?


Its a York system: F2RP030N06G

Element: 2HK16501506B

2x 220v AC Relays: T9AP1D52-22-02

Thermostat:Honeywell Wifi Touchscreen
(tested another Honeywell battery operated one)

30A Circuit Breaker & 60A (heat element) 15kw


Any help is much appreciated.
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