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Electric Baseboard Home Automation

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Hi Everyone,

I've been doing research, but hoping to get some practical advise about this topic.

I have a house with five different electric baseboard thermostats. I believe it is 110V. The 'stats are probably from the 80s when the house was built. It is useful since each can handle different zones manually. It is not useful since running around to each is annoying and I suspect the 'stats themselves are mercury based. Also, I would like to manage the baseboards remotely.

I figure there are two options

1. Replace each thermostat with a WiFi 'stat module that allows each to be controlled from a single control panel

2. Replace each with a module that allows it to be manually set and controlled from a single control panel

I've looked around and found a plethora of possibilities and have gotten kind of lost with options. Anyone done this or have recommendations?