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Efflorescence on Basement wall

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I am trying to finish my basement and did a lot of prep-work before putting up the insulation to the concrete wall. I plan to use XPS (extruded polystyrene) and then frame in front of it.

In inspecting the wall, I noticed an area of the wall that was discolored and had about 2 feet of crack. I started tapping on it and picking the crack with a chisel. It started to crumble. So, I decided to patch it with hydraulic cement patch. Well, that was 2 weeks ago.

Last night, I started to work on other things and notice the hydraulic cement patch is covered by white powder (see attached picture). I think it is efflorescence.

I am confused on how the efflorescence could appear on the patch only, but not on the surrounding existing concrete, or on other parts of the basement.

Do you think I have a big problem?
Since I will cover the wall with XPS (extruded polystyrene) panels, do you think I should worry about it?

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difficult to source the cause of that crk but i'd guess its from a cold jnt stemming from when the orig conc was placed - delay in 2nd trk or lack of satisfactory vibration to consolidate both loads - who knows ? whatever the cause, there it is :yes:

decent article @ & wikipedia/many others,,, in your case, it may be easier to excavate to approx ext location & waterproof the area,,, typical bldg code only requires 3mil dampproofing coating,,, typically asphalt emulsions get applied w/no or little flexibility/strethability so cannot bridge crks.

bsmt efflorescence is typically lime salts from soil acids in solution w/rainwater,,, wtr runs downhill & winds up against your fnd walls
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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