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I need to know how much effect of a tenant store inside a commercial building in terms of cooling load.
The building employs a centralized air-conditioning ( cooling tower, water-cooled chillers, AHU etc). Say a particular AHU distribute conditioned air to cool 10 tenant stores by duct system. How much effect on the cooling load of the building if 3 tenant stores, serve by that AHU, egress and their stores was boarded up and the diffusers were sealed. Note that the stores are using supply diffusers and ceiling return.
Is it right to say, I am still giving 100% cooling load of the building, regardless of the unoccupied tenant stores?
Will a boarded up unoccupied store generates heat that the centralized AC needs to compensate?
I will highly appreciate all inputs on this situation.

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The unoccupied spaces will still have a heat gain during the day. But you can set the thermostats to off or 90° to prevent any unnecessary cooling of those spaces.

Generally, stores only have a full load for cooling during their busiest sales time.

Is this a VAV or CAV system.
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