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Economy Schema to catch Disconnection.

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Hi all,
I try to get simple alarm device where once it's ARMED there is NO power on relay coil to save battery, but once I get my signal line disconnected then get some trigger, either connect or disconnect. Is this possible ?

With my Electrical skills circa 1985 I would say that probably it's not. However see so many life hacks these days and electronics,....who knows.

As alternative then I will go with low power relay fed from 12v bike battery, and I need to control up to 15V. Appreciate if somebody can recommend one for this purpose.

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You need a latching relay. It stays where set until another signal switches it.
Honestly these days, my line of thinking is "Let the battery hold the relay in, then solar panel to keep the battery up".

$30 panel, $30 Morningstar SunGuard charge controller (if you like the Good Stuff), done.
Thanks J ans S! I heard about latching relay, will check. Don't have option for Solar for my case, I basically can go with NO passive Tilt Sensor, but alas all of them I see are NC (NO- Normally Open, NC-Normally Closed)

Guys anybody can help me :
Tilt Tilt ball sensor sheet says : <SENSOR ANGLE: -10˚ to -15˚ scope inside, terminal to disconnection electric current> (eg.

That means that it's NC (Normally Closed) and then upon tilting it's Disconnected.
Is it possible to cheat /reverse its action basically set it initially with balls position = disconnect and expect that upon tilting it will work to Connect ?
I need to find passive (no power) Tilt sensor with Normally Closed pair.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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