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I have a g6RC080-16 (no manual anywhere online). I use an ecobee3 thermostat and installed it with 5 wire to my hvac. No big deal. Then I installed a new whole house humidifier since the guy said the solenoid was bad. Installed everything up in a 2-wire install and still no water coming out. Looks like it's the transformer, which the aprilaire 600m came with. I took off the cover of the existing transformer came in and disconnected he wires. There is an additional one next to it that had two wires coming off it then ended in a traditional 12V looking connector and was not plugged into anything. It's the kind of plug that would charge like a 2 way radio or a nose mobile speaker or something. Anyways, after pulling both of those off I traced the two wires in each one. Both had a green and a red wire inside. The first had the neutral HUM and the non-neutral (not sure what that is) EAC. The other one was hooked up to the nonneutral HUM and the neutral EAC.

First questions: which does the white wire from my transformer go to? The neutral correct? White would go to the green neutral HUM.

Second question: I am wondering if this was originally wired wrong. Shouldn't both the HUM wires go to one transformer and both the EAC wires go to the other transformer with one and being neutral and the other end being the non-neutral. In which case the neutral side I would connect to the white to install the transformer correctly?

I did not take pictures of the wires before disconnecting them so even if I want to put it back the way it was I have to figure out which side the white wire goes to each of the old transformers. I also tested the voltage across the one of them and did not have any power anyways so I'm guessing it was burnt out.
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