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EcoBee Thermostat

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I have a York variable speed 2 stage gas with heat pump/air conditioner. When the temp outside dips below 35% the EcoBee thermostat tells the heat pump to disengaged and the Aux 2 stage gas to kick in.The 1st stage on the gas starts the variable speed fan on a quite speed and if the 1st stage cannot get temperature up high enough within an allotted time the 2nd stage gas kicks in and the fan speed gets very loud.How can I keep the 2nd stage from kicking in?The 1st stage heat can get the job done it just will take longer but the furnace will not let the 1st stage run past 10 or so minutes?
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Should be able to set second stage time up to longer then 10 minutes.

If not, can you set it not to time up, but to do it by temp drop/droop.
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