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It's a good idea. That concept is indeed used on many kitchen bag sealer devices (it vacuums out the bag then seals it in the same fashion your machine does). I have never seen a 'portable' model though. That may be a new concept.

I think timing though is a big issue. Not enough time, and the plastic doesn't melt together. Too much time and you melt through. On the kitchen bag sealers, the machine measures out the time required and automatically cuts out the heating element.

If you could somehow get the timing issue straight so any dummy could use it without burning up bags, or the counter underneath, then you may have something marketable there.

I would also take that video off the internet if plan on actually marketing it. I assume you have no patent on it as of yet... which would mean anyone could steal the idea.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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