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Thanks sdsester. The jack I plan to buy and then sell on craigslist after i'm done. There was one local for $110 on there and it sold imediately. So i figured i'd buy a well reviewed on on amazon for $170 and sell it when i'm done for $120 or so. Because I wont be doing all the drywall in a few days, i'd like to be able to take my time and the rental costs would be more than just buying and reselling.

I've straighted out the wall that will hold my kitchen cabinets, but the rest really aren't too bad. I'll put furring strips where needed if i find some that are far out of line. I'd rather not buy the tools but if it would make the job that much easier and faster, it may be worth it to me and then just sell them when i'm done.

I am hoping to get into restoring old houses (just trying to figure out how to manage it without having a builders license) in the near future, but I need to get mine a little further along. The taper I'm looking to get is the homax which is about $35 on amazon i think. Maybe it's best to get proficient doing it by hand anyway, seems like a good skill to have.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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