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easiest/proper way to repair rotted pine roof wood

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I have a pitched shingle roof, has years left to it. But, there is a spot that the nail on the shingle was exposed, and previous owner neglected. As a result, wood piece below it rotted over a year or 2, befor I bought the place.

So, Were talking about only say, a 4" wide pine board, and from rafter to rafter, say, 14-156". Thats it. To replace that pine board, do I have to yank a few shingles above it, then cut out the pine, replace, then shingle back? Or can I do this from underneath somehow, without disturbing the shingles?

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Make sure the adjoining boards haven't started to rot as well. If there is any rot on them they need to go as well. No point in leaving them behind to start the rot all over.
LOL...good question. Originally form Illinois, home of high taxes, crowded spaces. Doubled my home, increased my property 100 times....lowered my taxes about 300%........and I don't shovel snow anymore. Need more reasons?
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