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Hi I live in a 3 floor building and we have just installed the plugs for the dryer BUT now is the hard part we placed the plugs when you enter in the corridor we would like the vents to go out the side of the house. Can this be done. I went to visit another place and they installed the plugs at the same place and then they brought all the vents to the 1st floor (throught the nearest closet where the plugs were installed) and out the side of the house. BUT question is how can I pass it between the 2 floors the beams go the oposit way is there somewhere between the floors where I can pass the tubes going the oposite way from the way the beams go. I really don't know how they did it to there other house - but they did I was wondering if there is a passage above to floors were I can do this.



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Your question isn't too clear, but I can offer this.
It is FAR easier to run an electrical line to an outlet for a dryer placed against an outside wall for venting through, than it is to run a 4" vent through walls and floors.
If I were you, I would locate the dryer against an outside wall if possible. You never vent a dryer into interior space, including a bawsement or crawlspace. They put out far too much moisture, and must be vented outside only.
Good Luck!
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