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G'day. Or evening. Or morning if you're one of those types.

Name's Fox. Yup, that's a first name. Yes, I had it before the X-Files aired. No, I don't think the jokes about it are funny; I never did. *smirk* I'm just glad people say I seem to live up to the name.

So what am I doing here? Same as the rest of us I imagine. Well, maybe not exactly the same. I'm a...well let's say I'm most handy with a drill, but that comes from a great deal of working on and with information systems. Or, as I tend to say when people ask me what I do, "Boring computer $#:censored:!/."

I've never really done a great deal with power tools throughout my life, but recently my life has taken some good turns. Just finished up my Master's degree and have taken some time to myself. This means I get to tackle projects that were neglected while I was "bettering myself". So, as my future wife is now a homeowner, and my parents are nearby, I'm finding I'm pretty good with my hands. Best of all, so is my future father-in-law, who has sparked my interest in DIY. It doesn't hurt that my future mother-in-law works for a contracting firm.

So now I've about a half dozen projects in various stages of completion. Her attic now has lighting, and I'm considering pros and cons of attic stair installations. The parent's are getting simple plumbing repairs and electrical and coaxial wiring run where they should be rather than just some shoddy job that'd been done in the past. The desk this laptop is resting upon was built last week and will be stained when the weather gets warmer. (Custom built to be the exact dimensions of the room, so it can't be removed to stain/varnish.)

So I figured, after all I've been doing I should combine the talents I have at fixing up homes and working with information technology and find a forum out there where I might ask some simple questions about future projects I have. (Her bedroom is right above the laundry room in the basement. I think a chute is in order!)

I'm told, given that this medium of communication lacks any tone of voice or body language, that I come across very brash, narcissistic and pompous when online. All I can do is assure those reading that I'm aware of the issue and taking steps to rectify the matter. *grin* I'm actually a goof, and while I'm frequently too smart for my own good I fully acknowledge when I've no idea what I'm doing, which is why I'm here. I'm a neophyte in the arena of home improvement and renovation projects, and will concede to the expertise of others in these matters. Another's time and advice can be priceless.

I think that's enough babbling from me. Nice to meet you all!

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