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Durock in Shower Alcove

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We are remodeling the basement and adding a bath. The 30" x 60" tub is being built in an alcove along the outer wall. The alcove comes out 34" from the outer wall. Do I bring durock to the edge of the tub and drywall the last 4"? I plan on tiling all the way to the edge. If I am supposed bring durock all the way to the edge, then how do I finish the corner where the durock meets the drywall?

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You could fill that gap with drywall if you wish---use a corner bead---it's a dry area so metal or plastic could be used---

Do yourself a favor---check that end for plumb---if it's out of plumb in the least your tiling job will be very frustrating-----
Red Guard can and should be used on that drywall----

Because your tiles will be perfectly level and plumb---that outside corner better be also---or you caps will need trimming---which always looks like a mistake----
No---that outside corner need to be PLUMB---use your level---you will start there and make cuts at the back wall---back wall might be off plumb----that's why you start at the 'show' edge--and head to the back wall---
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