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We are in a new old-house, 1980s vintage, moved in 2 years ago. I keep finding some sketchy work previously done (that the inspection did not alert us about!).
This lastest is at the power panel. There's a large overhead space in the garage, used for storage, and it's over the wall containing the breaker panel. Said panel has a label denoting circuitry for a hot tub long since removed and replaced by a small screened in pool.
I was stowing the Xmas decorations and noticed that there is 2 heavy (Service Entrance?) cables leading down to the breaker panel's location. One is a stub maybe 2-3 feet long and cut off. I didn't have a non-contact pen with so I left it alone. (It is not in any configuration to short out on anything, thankfully!)
So ... if it is left over from the hot tub, an RV service, or some other installation, shouldn't it have been removed?
Nnn amp circuit wiring is something I'll hire an electrician to deal with. But I'm wondering how it's anchored in the wall cavity. Are these entrance cables clamped to the studs? Or just at the Main Breakers?
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