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Dumb question?

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Please don't ridicule me for this question because i gotta ask it, OK? Is it in any way OK to pass NM cable perpendicularly through a central heat duct if i send it through a pvc conduit?

The only reason i can imagine this could be all right is that i know that my attic gets way hotter in the summer than heat duct ever will in the winter and I also know that you can do this across a cold air return duct. lil help here? anyone?
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No and No....

No, it's not a dumb question....and no you can't pass it through the duct....the hot air 'could' damage the wire...

Though I seem to recall a similar thread where it was ok under certain conditions....maybe it was the return duct....
Why not just run it beside it?
I would highly doubt the heat would be the issue, it's where it exits and enters the duct where there could be issues as well as the possiblity of a noise issue with the wires loose in the duct work.
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