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Dumb question on auto ac

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Why do they call it the suction side of the compresor(the side that receives the expanded gas from the evaporator) to be compressed in the comp, when it shows psi of 30 or so. I mean, if it was sucking from the evaporator, wouldnt it have a vacuum?? I dont get it.

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Thanks, UK. Also, I guess it sucks refrigerant from a can since even though there may be 30psi on a guage, the can itself has way more, I guess about 100psi or so?? Then, the HIGHER psi in the an overcomes a psi much lower in the suction line(?) Does that shed light on this UK?
Thanks, guys. I thionk I get it now. Its an edjucashun. Seriously, sometimes one has to ask questions for answers. Patient forum members are just great people.

That example of the comp being like an engine with the valves is excellent.
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