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Ductwork Around Center Beam

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We are installing our HVAC ductwork and I want to get some opinions on the best way to work around the center beam in our basement. The center beam is about 20" tall and the main trunk line will go on the East side of the center beam. Then we have 3 6" ducts we need to connect to the truck that are on the West side of the center beam. Is there any problems if we run the West side ducts to the center beam then drop them down about 24" (or enough to clear the center beam) and then go back up on the other side of the center beam to the main trunk line? Will this 24" drop and raise hurt the efficiency of the system?

Anybody have any other ideas how to work around this center beam and maintain an efficient system?

Here is a picture of one of the West side ducts we need to connect to the trunk which will be on the other side of the center beam shown in the picture. Also is a picture of the center beam will must work around.

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Couple ways

You could come out of the trunk line end cap with round and run it to the end of the basement go under then back up and run tight to the ceiling down the side that way you would not be cutting any supports and will still maintain your flow and the only low spot would be the end of the basement you could box out.

Another way is to transition to oval duct to cut down on the hole height giving you more strength, I would also cut blocks to fit next to the hole to give more support to the beam you are cutting.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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