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Ductwork Around Center Beam

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We are installing our HVAC ductwork and I want to get some opinions on the best way to work around the center beam in our basement. The center beam is about 20" tall and the main trunk line will go on the East side of the center beam. Then we have 3 6" ducts we need to connect to the truck that are on the West side of the center beam. Is there any problems if we run the West side ducts to the center beam then drop them down about 24" (or enough to clear the center beam) and then go back up on the other side of the center beam to the main trunk line? Will this 24" drop and raise hurt the efficiency of the system?

Anybody have any other ideas how to work around this center beam and maintain an efficient system?

Here is a picture of one of the West side ducts we need to connect to the trunk which will be on the other side of the center beam shown in the picture. Also is a picture of the center beam will must work around.

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You could run the duct the way you are suggesting but use as few elbows as possible because it will cut down your airflow quite a bit.
I suggest, if its feasible, cutting out the joist space above the beam enough to get the runs through.
If that 2 by 10 is supported by the center beam, which it appears to be, it shouldn't be a problem to cut out the joist space.
Yes the red spot would be ideal.
You could check with your local building inspector, he would know for sure.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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