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Ducting for heat - registers high or low?

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I'm beginning to work out the ductwork for a new furnace installation (added 1000 feet still under construction) with no existing ducting.
The house is a long narrow 2 story with a 500 sq ft lower room downstairs. The furnace will be a gas fired up-draft located centrally on the 1st floor. The ducts will run through the attic/trusses but I also need to get some heat downstairs as well.
The downstairs is built from ICF walls and the only way I can have registers at the floor would be to make a false wall. If I put the registers in the cieling it would be much easier but I think that it won't be very efficient (due to heat rise).

Any ideas? Also, has anyone used those online duct engineering services? Apparently you send them a sketch of your floorplan showing rooms and joist direction/spacing and they do a take-off for you.

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Select supply registers with a downward throw.
And put your returns low.
LOL... No, just me being senile.

Your returns can be high.

Make sure the supplies throw the air down to the floor.
It will mix the lower cooler air with the warm air, and help to keep your feet from being cold.
It works ok.

Many houses are done like that.

While individual returns are better. Under cut doors are ok.
If you have teh full plan.
A service is usefull.
They are expensive. but can be worth it. When you consider the headaches they can save.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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