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Hi Guys,

I have one room in the house that is always to cold in the winter and to hot in the summer.

I live in a bungalow and the laundry room has a vent that is ~3 times stronger then any other vent in the house.

Our basement isn't finished yet, so I wanted to move that vent and hook it up with some sort of Y pipe to the vent in the room.

my question is, can I use flex tubing? My whole house is the regular metal ducts.

There are a couple of bends, how do I cut these pipes?

The laundry room vent in the basement looks like a 4inch, and the room has a 5 or 6 inch (not sure yet, It was hard to tell without something to step on) Should I do a 4-5 inch adapter until I get to the room or should I keep the 4 inch all the way?

my goal is to basically end up with one super vent in this room :)

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I would say no to do that. You may want to seek a professionals advice sounds like you may need a good survey of your system to see what could be done to improve air flow. wye pipes flex duct with alot of turns is easy yes, will it work as thought? probably not.

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With the diameter of pipe that you probably have you are not giong to gain any thing.

To Y you we need something like this

8" flex feeding two 6"

What you more than likely have is a 6" and you are wanting to Y into two 6" which is more work than it is worth.

Prefered would to attach another branch off the main trunk
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