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Duct work issue

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I have a 3 year old 2 story home w/ flex duct through out. It uses only one 5 ton A/C unit to cool both the upstairs and downstairs. I know I'm creating static pressure behind the air handler, but I have to close the vents downstairs in order to get the air upstairs. I ussually hear hissing / whistling from the vents downstairs. Today the A/C has been running constantly and I don't hear the hissing / whistling coming from the vents. What just happened? Obviously the thermostat is not turning off b/c of the lack of cooling. I believe I created a leak in the ductwork. It's a cheap house and I've been told that builders often don't install the ducts correctly. I cannot fully access the attic where the ducts come from downstairs. I went around looking / feeling for leaks, but lack the tools and know how to do so. How can I inexpensively determine my suspicion?
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Is the blower running.
Could be a dirty coil.

If you have a big air leak, it should be easy to find.

Just have the A/C running, and check you duct, including any chases it might run through.

Could be a leak, disconnected duct in the air handler location.
Could use a laser thermometer.

Turn on the A/C. Wait a couple minutes and see if walls start to show a temp difference.
Depends were the leak is.
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