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Duct work issue

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I have a 3 year old 2 story home w/ flex duct through out. It uses only one 5 ton A/C unit to cool both the upstairs and downstairs. I know I'm creating static pressure behind the air handler, but I have to close the vents downstairs in order to get the air upstairs. I ussually hear hissing / whistling from the vents downstairs. Today the A/C has been running constantly and I don't hear the hissing / whistling coming from the vents. What just happened? Obviously the thermostat is not turning off b/c of the lack of cooling. I believe I created a leak in the ductwork. It's a cheap house and I've been told that builders often don't install the ducts correctly. I cannot fully access the attic where the ducts come from downstairs. I went around looking / feeling for leaks, but lack the tools and know how to do so. How can I inexpensively determine my suspicion?
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You can use tissue paper or a candle flame to detect airflow too small to feel.
It seems to me there is an odorant you can put in the air handler and use it to detect downstream leaks. The name maybe has something to do with "green."
"Oil of wintergreen" but it's to check heat Xchangers. My bad.
Wish I had a laser therometer. I'll probably pick one up before this is through.
They're $50 and up and they work better on dull surfaces [high emissivity] than on shiny surfaces.
I guess it'll pay for itself on this one job.
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