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Duct booster fan vs axial

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I am having a heat gain issue in my flex duct. Airflow seems good but I am picking up a lot of heat in the 45 foot run. It was suggested to try a duct fan to move the air faster through the duct so it won't pick up as much heat.

It was suggested I use an axial fan vs booster fan. I can't find much on the axial fans. Any suggestions as to which one I should use? Is it best to put it closer to the register or closer to the supply? It will be a 7 or 8" depending on where I place it because I have a reducer in the line
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Before the extra insulation was added there should have been an air sealing effort. If they took the insulation level "to r-30" as opposed to adding r-30 to what was there then you have a minimum level of insulation, but there was probably a difference. To see the difference it would be in the cost of cooling and it gets a bit complicated adjusting one year to another based upon the weather. If the added insulation was a neat job adding more would make little difference. Only time I find it cost effective is to add more while they are there, very little added cost.

If you post a picture of that attic it might help.

Bud, attached area couple of pictures. You can also kind of see the duct that I wrapped with some reflectix. I also used a couple of windshield visors to try and wrap most of the duct.


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