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Duct Board Bad?

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So I got some Knauf Duct Board at a very good price. However, once I got it home it seems very...fibrous. I run my hand calmly over the fiberglass portion and it feels like i'm scraping off very small particles. Is this normal?

It has the intent of being used as a return plenum so air flow shouldn't be TOO aggressive right?

Is there some kind of guard that I could place over it to prevent that from entering the rest of the house if it is indeed a problem or perhaps a special air filter?

In the picture does this mean that the board was made November 16th 2000?

Does the duct board look in good condition from the pics?



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Anyone? Would like to start working with it if asap.
That is manufacture date. I would never use duct board for any reason. I have taken it out on demo after 3 years and it just falls apart, not to mention it holds spores.

If you are going to use it run at least a merv 11 or better filter.
The trick is building the return plenum properly as well as sealing it to the furnace but in layman's terms yes, that duct board is design specific for the task at hand and yes, if you rub it it''ll come off as you described regardless if brand new made last week or if made ten years ago.
Thank you. Yeah I know but it is what it is. I was wondering however if the lining that is used in Flex Duct, that thin black lining, is available to wrap the duct board in or another similar product or would Lining the fiberglass part with Thermopan be just fine...
There are many people that say fiberglass is the next asbestos. While that may seem a little harsh, You could not pay me enough to use that stuff in lieu of Galvanized steel, especially if it is sloughing off. You could stick it to the outside of your ducts if you want but I would never run air through it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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