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I am insulating my shed, and as per fire code, I have to "drywall", which really annoys me because everything is surface wired, rope lights and shelves up, hooks, etc. I probably have 100ft+ of NM neatly stapled along the top joist..... :furious: I also have to have HomeDepot cut the drywall down to 4x4ft pieces to fit in my car, and the stuff is dang heavy........

Since the drywall is really just as a fire block, is it okay to install it like seen in the picture, leaving the top joist exposed, notching out the cable entrances, but covering the insulation and everything. I can drywall the outlets and whatnot nicely, and extend them with a mud ring, but I am not pulling up all the stapled wiring, ruining it, and replacing it, and fishing it through the 2x4's, along with drilling tons of holes in my structure.



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