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Drywalling garage ceiling: joist hangers protruding

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I am going to put drywall and insulation on a garage stall which was added to an existing garage. The ceiling has trusses on the inside half and half-width joists at 90 to the last truss which is beefier. The problem is that some of the joist hangers protrude under the truss almost 1/4".

The question is how forgiving is the sheet rock with this? Do I need furring strips?
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Yes, carving out some from the back would be faster than nailing strips all over.

Now another thing just hit me. How do you handle sheet rock orientation when half of the ceiling has the framing one way and the other half is perpendicular. Have not measured, but all seem to be at 24 OC. May be I can post a couple of pictures later today.
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