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Drywalling a garage wall

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Hi, I'm going to drywall the last unfinished wall in my garage. It's the only wall that is an exterior wall other than the wall the garage door is on. The wall is 10ft tall with about 18"-24" of block at the bottom, at the top there is a row of nogging about 2 feet from the top plate. My question is should there be another row of nogging to stiffen the wall maybe about halfway between the top and bottom plates?

The plan is to insulate with paper faced bar insulation stapled to the studs and I'm also adding three outlets and a new 20amp circuit in the garage and then drywall over it, mudding and taping the joints.
I have metal cabinets and a work surface that are going to be fastened to this wall.


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If it was called for it would be there as it was likely inspected.
It would not hurt anything if you want to put it there. You might put it on the flat so insulation can go behind it and maybe put it where you could use backing for shelving.
Thank you, good point and idea!

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