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How much sheet-rook do I need for a 2600 sqf home
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If it's very short and has no rooms inside...... not a whole lot.
You go me beat Willie..never installed sheet-rook!

Seriously to the OP..thats like asking how much wire do I need for electrical, or how much copper is required for plumbing.
That depends on the number of rooms---height of the walls and the size of the sheets of drywall.

We need more info---post a set of prints---I'll do a take off for you.---Mike---
How much sheet-rook do I need for a 2600 sqf home
You're kidding aren't you?
Do you think that the houses design might be a factor.
Look at the plans and figure it out if the architect didn't do a material list.
Or contact him and have him generate one.
How much sheet-rook
More than pawn's paulty salary and less than a king's ransom.:)
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So I say ,' Get one really big sheet of drywall,say 35 feet wide by 60 feet long and cut to size.
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you should be fine with 3 sheets, possibly 4 if you have high ceilings
You most likely need about 10,000 square feet of drywall. You don't calculate drywall by the sheet, you calculate it by the square foot.
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